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Chile enjoys more than six thousand kilometres of coastline with the Pacific ocean. It has become a popular destination and got over 6 million visitors in 2017. Recognised as the best place for adventure travel in the world by the world travel awards.  Chile has tourist circuits like ‘Route of the Stars’, ‘Route of the Desert’, ‘Route of the Sea’ that cover its geographical areas. There are 11 of these routes and any of them can be used to backpack a trip. Chile is a good place for travellers. Included in the Ethical Destinations list by the Ethical Traveller magazine.

The circuit of Seven Lakes, Chile

Chile promotes cultural and eco-tourism, offering adventure travel across its magnificent landscape. The Atacama Desert is one of the most popular locations for adventure travellers. The area has preserved remains of ancient civilizations like glyphs and pictographs. The glyphs of the Azapa Valley are among the most well known and remarkable. The Archeological  Museum of San Miguel de Azapa contains the Chinchorro Mummies, the oldest mummies in the world.

The Archaeological Museum of San Miguel de Azapa

Where to go?

Arica, Chile

The North Grande features cities like Arica, which have beautiful coastal areas. Arica is very frequently followed by a trip to the Lauca National Park, and the Volcan Isluga National Park. A World Heritage site known as Humberstone is a ghost town inland from Iquique.

The Norte Chico has clear skies and therefore offers a lot of opportunities for astronomical tourism. The area is home to the highest volcanoes in the world. The Nevado Tres Cruces National park is one of many attractions in the Norte Chico.

Chile is a place that features destinations for every season, and tourists escape the summer of the Northern Hemisphere by coming to here to enjoy the ski resorts the country has to offer.

Easter Island, Chile

Easter Island

The coastal Valparaiso Region receives tourists most frequently in the Summer for the very famous Easter Islands. Easter Island is primarily famous for its mysterious stone blocks head shaped monuments aka “Moai” by early Rapa Nui people. Easter Island hosts a two-week long festival celebrating Rapa Nui’s Culture in the month of February every year. Secondly its renowned for Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series, which takes place on the island of Rapa Nui. Last but not the least Easter Island was a Declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in the year 1995.


The capital of Chile has 93 cultural heritage sites within the city. Monuments in the capital include Cerro El Plomo, an Incan sanctuary, and the Palace of La Moneda. It has constantly been on the lists of destination cities. Destinations around central Chile include Pichilemu, the best place to surf in the country and El Teniente, an underground copper mine and Sewell, declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2006.

The southernmost part of Chile includes regions indigenous to native populations, featuring a number of routes to the travel circuits. The Circuit of the Seven Lakes, along with Puyehue National Park, Conguillio National Park and Nalcas National reserve are major destinations to explore the natural and eco-tourism of Chile.

Nalcas National Reserve, Chile

Southern Chile

Southern Cities include Valdivia and Temuco, each offers a different slice of Chilean life. Los Lagos region is the first known human settlement in the Americas. The southern part of Chile nears Antarctica and offers views of snow-clad volcanoes in the Lake district.

Chile has more to offer than can be put here. The country has achieved greatly in the tourism industry and is constantly improving it. Tourism is a major portion of Chile’s economy, and for good reason. At the most westward end of the Earth, the view of the sun disappearing into the Pacific is remarkably juxtaposed with the Andes mountain chain. The shape of the country subjects it to different climate types, resulting in the most brilliant areas of scenic beauty and weather. Any time to visit Chile is great, and you can travel through all its travel routes to delve into the opportunities for adventure travel and the rich heritage of the South American nation.

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